Why Grizzly Pro Boo Johnson Started His New Company, JustHaveFun

Boo Johnson is in skateboarding for all the right reasons. To further support this claim, Boo recently sat down with Nigel K. Alexander for an interview and talked about the concept for his new hat and accessories brand JustHaveFun, or JHF for short.

Starting at the 3:30 mark, Boo explains that the idea for the brand stems from skateboarding's core values of fun and getting your friends together to get out and skate.

"Especially where skateboarding is now in the industry, dude, like, everyone is good, you know—we get that. That's rad—respect. But at the end of the day we started this to get off our block and do something cool with all of our friends and have fun, so you gotta bring it back to the roots."

Source: Nka Vids

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