Grizzly Griptape and The Smokers Club bring you our first podcast episode featuring Smoke Dza, Jonny Shipes, Cuzzin Todd, Torey Pudwill, Boo Johnson, & Select Sean. Sit
back relax, roll up and enjoy this work of art. Here is a word from our brother Shipes
"I fuckin loves these dudes right here man....Grizzly gang brothers from another, as soon as i touch down in la I smoke a doobie & hit sugarfish w Sean every single time like clock work. It was only right the 1st episode of Smoking N Joking was with them! Roll something up & enjoy Cuzzin todd, Smoke DZA, Torey pudwill, Boo Johnson, Select Sean & myself doing what we do best smoking N Joking Goodtalk" - Jonnyshipes



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