Torey went from unsponsored skater with a dream to successful business owner with a dream in our latest series, "How I Got Sponsored," where we talk to established Pros about how they were first discovered.
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Hey there My name is Zeph I’m 13 and I’ve been skating for about 3 months now I’m not the best skater I can roll in places, Ollie, and Manuel off things. The reason is I also love ur grip and it’s great and cool. Thx

Zeph Cortes

Hey im blaine i skate and would love to skate your grip because it is the best. Wont regret it

Blaine glover

Dear grizzly griptape
My name is Alexander Gonzalez,im 15 years old, ive been skating for over three years and im contacting you today to propose a sponsorship so i can continue my skating career without struggling to buy skateboarding supplies and i also wanna say that if you accept my proposal and allow me a chance to show you my skateboarding skills you can hopefully see my potential and i can also promote and review your product on my youtube channel. I hope you read this and let me show you my skills. Thank you sincerely Alexander Gonzalez

Alexander Gonzalez