Grizzly x Marvel Coming Soon 🕸

Stay tuned for new details. 


  • Jose riod

    Will venom be included ?

  • Devin Beers

    Can’t wait for this Grizzly & Marvel collar to go on sale. Got a feeling they created some epic gear I will most definitely have to buy. Love grizzly for 3 reasons. 1. Me being 31, I am older than Torey, the creator of Grizzly grip. It’s a trip because I grew up watching Torey rip shit up at skatelab in our home town of Simi Valley. I ever being several years older than him, just watching the kid rip up the bowl, and every aspect of that park. Before long skatlab had sponsored him and nick named him the “worm” I saw him become friends with Daewon Song, who took Torey under his wing. Me and my buddy would go every Friday and Saturday to skate as would Torey, usually accompanied by his dad, and older brother, and also personal friend of mine who I will just call “J.” As I don’t want to put him on blast. Torey probably has no clue who I am, as I never really met him or talked to him, and that’s cool with me. It was just dope being able to see this little kid fucking rip up everyone! Old timers that thought they could hang would get out to shame by this little 4 foot nothing kid. It amazed me, and that’s how I met his brother as he would be filming him always. Plus J is my age and we became friends in high school. He is a stand up dude as well, so I gotta keep it right and support my buddies little bro, and support one of my favorite skaters, that just happens to be from the 805, ride or die. Will always show love because of that ….. 2. Grizzly creates some of the dopest and most creative designs I have ever seen, me being a hoodie freak makes me love grizzly, as they are always dropping new hoodies, either with LRG collab, plan B collab, Diamond Supply collab, the Mac Dre line, the Bears In The Hood collab, the Hundreds collab, and most of all just straight up Grizzly designs. They are all so creative and bad ass, I literally get compliments on every hoodie I get. See that’s my thing hoodies, and hats…..I have hundreds of both. But I have about 40 grizzly hoodies in my collection, along with my 60+ Michael Jordan hoodies, and now to reason number………..3. Grizzly is big man friendly!!!!!!!!! Seriously you guys at grizzly, if you ever read this, thank you so fucking much for making hoodies, shirts and other gear in big man sizes. I am 6’6 and 275lbs. It’s hard to find hoodies and clothes that fit. The only hoodies that fit me, are strictly Grizzly, and Jordan. That’s why I have so many of both. See it’s not that I’m fat. Its that im a tall, built, ex basketball player/athlete, that is in shape and has a bigger than normal body. So again, thank you Grizzly Grip for being big guy friendly. For that reason I’ll always support you all! Plus it’s just good quality clothing, and I am a firm believe of you pay for what you get. Meaning you spend ten bucks on a hoodie, it’s gonna last you a year. You spend 70 bucks on one and take care of it, it will last you forever……..NOW WOTH ALL THAT BEING SAID, I CANT FUCKING WAIT FOR THIS MARVEL, AND GRIZZLY COLAB TO DROP!!! One love to the grizzly family. All you fellas keep doing what you do and rip those streets up for the guys like me that still wanna skate but can’t, cuz they’ve injured themselves to the point that it just doesn’t work anymore. Grizzly team is also the most vast and versitial skate team I’ve see, as they sponsor so many legit pros, that all bring different aspects, and keep pushing the limits of skating to that point that opens up new paths for different tricks, new moves. Things skaters 30 years ago only could dream of.

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