Grizzly Mystery Boxes Are Available Now!!!

Grizzly Mystery Boxes are back for Holiday 2017! Included in this box is 6 T-shirts, 1 Fleece & Bonus item for $100!
This time there are 20 golden tickets to be found. If you find a golden ticket you can win Grizzly Gift Cards, FREE Mystery Boxes, signed board by a Grizzly Pro, or a personal packed box by Torey Pudwill!
Dont miss out on your chance to grab one Available now!!


  • Ethan Vega

    Hi , Ethan here from New York City wondering do you guys have a winter mystery boxes available ? although winter has not yet started. The weather in the city is cold just asking do you have any apparel to match the seasonal weather not holidays I’m a size medium sweaters & same for shirts. In addition your prices on your apparel are kinda expensive you should make them more affordable thanks.

    P.s. " Don’t be stingy and fill that box lol seriously "

    Ethan Vega

    My Shipping is different from Mailing
    you’ll be Shipping to My Shipping Address: Brooklyn New York , 789 Franklin Ave Apt 2C

  • Marshall

    Hi iv just started skating and are loving it already got grizzly griptape and love it iv been skating for 4 month already know a couple of tricks oliie nollie and a kickflip I can rail a 5 stair

  • Matthew

    Hey I’m kinda new to skateboarding and all I need is grip tape and I was wondering if u could send some or some merch size large thanks
    Address: 14348 bellbrook st Baldwin park ca

  • Leo Martinez

    What’s Up, I just really wanted to compliment you guys on your awesome accomplishments over the years and amazing product ! It’s Super AWESOME!! Keep up the good work. May you please send a few free sheets of griptape 
    Thanks for reading my request……… I hope that you are able to help me out :)
    Peace ,
    Leonardo Martinez 

    Mailing Address:
    ‪1095 cartago ct sparks ,NV-89436‬ USA

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