Grizzly Grooves Volume 4 With Playlist Curated by Boo Johnson

Grizzly Grooves V:4 features music curated by Grizzly pro Boo Johnson. Listen to 45 minuets of music that Boo skates, smokes, and vibes out to everyday. 
Yo what's up it's Boo Johnson,
I just want to give a huge shout out to Jonny Shipes, Sean Apgar & The Grizzly Gang for having me host Grizzly Grooves Volume 4. I curated this playlist for the fact that every song on this track gets me hyped in one way or the other if it's on or off the skateboard. Super hyped Grizzly has been putting these together for all of us to enjoy good music to skate, share, & jam out too. 
I hope you enjoy the playlist! Until next time peace and love. 
- Boo J

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