Golden Grizzly Ticket Mystery Boxes Are Back Friday 11/18/16

Written By Josh Barcenas - November 15 2016


December 03 2016

What are you supposed to do if you find a golden ticket in your box.

Lloyd Jones
November 21 2016

If your wondering where to buy a mystery box just click this link

Hayden Hines
November 20 2016

I ordered this earlier and hopefully I get the tick I’m a big fan of t-puds and Chris Jolson and another one you guys should checkout is Cody Mcentire he’s super good and has a great style but let’s hope for the golden ticket #grizzlygriptape #skatealldamnday

November 18 2016

Weshmeluck today because ilike a brand grizzly your griptape is very good and my idol boojhonson rider for grizzly,,, give a meracle god

Harrison Castleberry
November 18 2016

how do i buy one???

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