Golden Grizzly Ticket Mystery Boxes Are Back Friday 11/18/16

Golden Grizzly Ticket Mystery Boxes are BACK this Friday 11-18-16 at 12pm PST exclusively on!
A limited amount of Grizzly Mystery Boxes will be available and will sell out quick!
We will be putting 11 golden tickets in 11 random Mystery Boxes that are purchased. If you get golden ticket in your box you will win a Pro Prize Pack from either Shane Oneill Torey Pudwill Ryan Sheckler Chris Joslin Andrew Brophy Chris Cole Felipe Gustavo Brandon Biebel Joey Brezinski Sean Malto or Boo Johnson.
These Pro Prize Packs will have Pro Board from your selected rider, and a care package from either JHF, Venture, Thunder, Spit Fire, Nixon, Diamond Footwear, Footprint Insoles, Etnies, Andale Bearings, or Wayward Wheels.
Dont miss out on your chance to win a Grizzly Pro Prize Pack!!


  • Gregg

    What are you supposed to do if you find a golden ticket in your box.

  • Lloyd Jones

    If your wondering where to buy a mystery box just click this link

  • Hayden Hines

    I ordered this earlier and hopefully I get the tick I’m a big fan of t-puds and Chris Jolson and another one you guys should checkout is Cody Mcentire he’s super good and has a great style but let’s hope for the golden ticket #grizzlygriptape #skatealldamnday

  • taraNp

    Weshmeluck today because ilike a brand grizzly your griptape is very good and my idol boojhonson rider for grizzly,,, give a meracle god

  • Harrison Castleberry

    how do i buy one???

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