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Have you ever wondered how Grizzly Griptape was started? The Berrics stopped by the Grizzly Griptape Flagship Store in Los Angeles to interview the founder Torey Pudwill. What started as a small project to make a few bucks out of the garage turned into a major movement. Having just recently split from Diamond, Torey and Grizzly are now independently hustlin’ grip, accessories, and apparel. And you better believe the homies are down for it. Here’s how it all came about.

Source: The Berrics


  • Eden

    Do you accept credit card payment over the phone?

  • Paolo

    Hola,mi nombre es Paolo Llanterhuay y soy de Perú , tengo una tienda de skate y me gustaría trabajar con su marca ya que es muy reconocida y de buena calidad espero su pronta respuesta, gracias.

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