Felipe Gustavo Wins KWEG STREET FINAL

The stacked competition and incredible downhill course on the steps of Jiangwan Plaza proved to be the ultimate challenge for some of the top street skaters in the world. The right line, trick selection, speed, quickness and style would all be necessary for one of these skaters to rise to the top.  

Chris Cole got a slight injury on the first run, but still managed to please the crowd and his peers by playing around with what would otherwise be insane tricks.  Jagger, the recent Tampa Am winner, was hungry and smiling and he let it all out on the course. Including holding onto a high speed kickflip front board over the A Frame gap to rail. Felipe Gustavo summoned up something fierce with a powerful, steady paced run, stomping on everything he popped.  Like a rolling train with a lot of momentum, his quite confidence was heard by all in attendance.

FINAL RESULTS – Kia World Extreme Games, Skateboard Street

1. Felipe Gustavo

2. Tom Asta

3. Jagger Eaton

Source: KWEG


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