Torey Pudwill connects with the rapper for a session at Lil Wayne’s private skatepark in Miami.

Most of us know Lil Wayne as a Grammy-winning hip-hop artist. But to those close to the skate industry, he’s also known as a passionate skateboarder. This isn’t Justin Bieber on a skateboard, trying to build street cred. Nor is it a way for the Young Money boss to sell more records to a new audience. No, Lil Wayne loves everything about skateboarding. He skates when he can, he hangs with those who skate, and he follows skateboarding as much as possible.

While Lil Wayne was in Miami, before closing down Red Bull Guest House with a solid performance (and revealing some music news), he met up with skater Torey Pudwill for a session at his private skate park. This is not the first time the two have skated together: Lil Wayne is a major supporter and fan of Pudwill's skate company Grizzly.

The result of the successful session is played out in the video above.

Check out the photos from Lil Wayne’s performance at Red Bull Guest House.


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