Live & Learn POPR 2014 Episode 2: "Giving Back"

"Live & Learn" with Manny Santiago, where you get an insight on Manny's adventures in his everyday life.

Live and Learn Prince of Puerto Rico 
Episode 2 
"Giving Back" 

In this second episode of the Prince of Puerto Rico series Manny and the crew give back to the community in Puerto Rico.  

They visit El Circo radio station and have some laughs with El Gangster before heading to a PACSUN signing at the Plaza Las Americas in San Juan where they are greeted by smiling fans.  

The episode then travels to the Luzia Boys and Girls Club where Manny anxiously awaits the arrival of their Big Donation from OC ramps. Sheldon arrives just in time and Manny and the crew are rewarded with love and enthusiasm from the local kids and Boys and Girls club team. 

Music by:
Fico Rodz and Harvey Soto

Killa K Beats 
Instagram: @killakbeatz

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