Grizzly T-shirt Mystery Box is Back This Friday 5-27 at 3pm PST!

Grizzly Griptape Golden Ticket Mystery Boxes drop this Friday at 3pm PST exclusively on for $100

Golden Ticket Giveaway - 2 random boxes will contain a golden ticket - If you find this ticket in your box you will win a 30 pound Grizzly box and a signed skateboard by Felipe Gustavo or Torey Pudwill.
 Follow us on Instagram for a chance to get hooked up with a free Mystery Box for you and your friends. 


  • Vera

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  • Patris

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  • Christine

    Will a new mystery box be coming out soon? I was looking to buy one for my son for christmas. If so can you tell me when?
    Thank you

  • Conrad

    Can you ship to Singapore? If so, how much?

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