Grizzly T-shirt Mystery Box is Back This Friday 5-27 at 3pm PST!

Written By Josh Barcenas - May 24 2016


November 13 2017

Can you ship to Singapore? If so, how much?

Sam lawson
November 05 2017

Dear Torey.
I love grizzly and diamond. You are by far my favourite skater and I religiously watch your plan b true part. I would give anything for a box but would never ask my parents are renovating our house and couldn’t afford it.
You are my hero and even if I don’t get a box I will try to be rocking some grizzly gear after Christmas.
Thank you for the chance. Sam L – 12yrs old

Torey Pudwill
August 10 2017

Dude same mines august 16th and I’m thinking the same thing but I don’t wanna ask for a free one I just got one from the mail today and it has the sickest gear, and just saying u guys are the best ( grizzly griptape and diamond supply co.)

Ali Yablok
June 15 2017

I love Grizzly Grip tape and Diamond supply co. My birthday is coming up and I was wondering if the grizzly team could send me a special mystery box for free, Grizzly and diamond are the 2 best skateboarding companies. I love that you combined ideas with diamond.

Matt boyd
November 17 2016

It would Be awesome if I could get this I really like grizzy

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