Grizzly Griptape X Active Rideshop Park Crashers

To celebrate the launch of the Grizzly Griptape x Active Fluorescent Griptape we brought a few of our skaters to crash their park.

For the month of May, if you buy any Grizzly Griptape Product at your local Active, you will get a chance to win a Golden Ticket to come skate the Active Park at the end of the month with the guys! Purchase your Grizzly x Active Rideshop Exclusive grip now!

Skaters: Mark Appleyard, Jordan Maxham, Felipe Gustavo, Chris Joslin, David Reyes, Ryan Alvero, Jorge Ramirez, Kane Sheckler, Chris Colburn, Joey Brezinski, Sierra Fellers

Filmers: Gino Woulard, Dan Abadi, Rick “Unk” Colwell
Edited by: Gino Woulard

Song: Rushing Elephants - Wu Tang Clan

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