Grizzly SXSW with CinematicTV: 4TheLoveofMusic at SXSW

Saturday March 19, 2016, Cinematic held its first annual "4TheLoveofMusic" fest at House of Vans in Austin, TX. The entire Cinematic squuuad was in the house for the epic night.

I think this was my personal favorite SXSW experience to date….I’ve been going down to SXSW for the past 7 years & even though I’ve done mad fun shit over the years (Smokers Club house w Pro Era x Diplomats, kangaroos & lemurs running around, getting kicked out of numerous hotels with Brocky & Dza, making the bike taxis race us to the Illmore and falling off by accident & ripping my back apart…. I think Steve-O still has that on film) LOL, This year will always be a special year to me tho because it was the first time I went down to SXSW with such a large roster of talent, along with the entire Cinematic Squuuaaad. Been building the dream since 2000, so to see such positive feedback on our Cinematic 4TheLoveofMusic showcase & watching the whole roster fuck up that stage it really was an amazing experience for me. One that will stick with me forever thanks team for making it such a special experience for me…. GoodTalk – Jonnyshipes


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