Cinematic & Grizzly Griptape Presentes 4 The Love at SXSW 2016

Along with the "Backwood Fever" show during South by Southwest we are happy to announce the second showcase featuring Joey Badass and more "4 The Love of Music". Check out what bossman Johnny Shipes had to say about the show case and starting Smokers Club 7 years ago at SXSW. 
7 years ago The Smokers Club was birthed down at SXSW….The past few years alot of what I have been doing is 4 The Love of Music, any artist I sign is because I believe in their ability to add to the culture of music, I believe their voices need to be heard and their visions executed….I love all music across all genres and before I do anything in music for the money I do it for the love so it only made sense for me to start “4 the love of music” down at SXSW this year with all the artists I work with at Cinematic….come thru & enjoy good music, loud trees & non industry fuck shit Goodtalk – Shipes


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